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    #FAVFIVE: Helen Brooks, Co-Owner

    #FAVFIVE: Helen Brooks, Co-Owner

    Hello friends!

    I’m Helen, one of the co-owners of All Good Things Collective. I am a wife to Will, and a mother of 3 fun-loving girls. I am obsessed with color, and an artist at heart. I love to paint and want the world to see through my art that God is good, creative, and fun! I have a passion for telling story through art and sharing what God has done in my life.

    Random facts: We have a furniture-clawing cat, a dog who has given me enough crazy content to fill a novel, and a bunny named Thumper. I have a strange obsession with newspapers, like the ones made from real paper. I love the wonder of nature and honeypots full of my husband’s homegrown honey. I find comfort in family meals. I don’t care a thing about pretty fingernails, and I would choose adventure and art supplies over diamonds and gold any day of the week.

    Click here to shop my #FAVFIVE from our shop!

    All Good Things Tribe

    All Good Things Tribe

    Friends - we need you on our team! 

    With our relaunch, we are rallying a team of cheerleaders + go-getters to be on the forefront of what we're doing! We have been so encouraged and blessed by you, our faithful, loving community.

    As we move forward as a company, we need you on our side! We're looking for people to get real loud with us about our mission, vision, and overall brand. 

    We've created a private FB group for all you willing to dive deep with us! This group serves as a sounding board for everything All Good Things! It just started a few weeks ago, and it is already one of our favorite places in the cyber world.

    Those in the group are the first to see new product, help us choose verses, hear about discounts + more! To make it even better, we're giving everyone in our "Tribe" with a quarterly gift, just to say thank you!

    Interested in joining? Click here to join our All Good Things Tribe!

    Justice + Giving

    Justice + Giving

    Since the get-go, one of our core values as a business has been giving. As All Good Things Collective, we exist to funnel as much of our profit as possible back into the kingdom, and we've adopted an "eyes open" attitude in order to do so. We believe God asks us to be responsive to the community around us, available and willing to step in as needed. We ask the Lord daily to keep our "eyes open" to these needs so that we can be obedient in meeting them. As we continue to grow, we continue to expand our giving and investment in various ministries and individuals.

    Since last August, your purchases have given support to MercyMed, a medical clinic that shares the Gospel through quality and affordable health care. Your support has given flexible employment to a single mother whose nine-year-old son is battling a brain tumor. You have come alongside those in the adoption process by allowing us to provide prints for auctions and fundraisers. You have given to Young Life and other local ministries. Because of you, All Good Things has been able to provide meaningful, flexible work for those struggling to find employment. Thank you for coming alongside us and agreeing to keep your “eyes open” to those in need of abundant life. We are beyond grateful for you. 

    Grace + Peace,

    The All Good Things team



    Victory Cards

    Victory Cards

    For sure one of the sweetest things about running a small business is getting to make products that you NEED or that you know your friends need. That's how victory cards came about. 

    I (Jess!) was at a baby shower a few months ago and the gals in my community had just spent time praying over a sweet new mama who was in our midst. She had one child already and was about to have her next and all I wanted to do was give her a huge hug and tell her that this season, while daunting, CAN be full of victory and praise. I found myself preemptively wanting to text her or stop by every day and give her a little activity to do that would help her walk in victory. 

    I started thinking how scripture plus a short action item each day can keep us actively agreeing with what God has written over our life and how I wanted to give every mom I knew a set of "victory cards". So I pitched the idea to the All Good Things team and we ran with it. The only problem? More than just moms need these! 

    We've started with Victory Cards for mamas and college gals, but we'll be branching out into even more categories as the months pass. Here's exactly what they are: 

    Victory Cards are a set of encouraging action-based cards to help women choose praise over despair, purpose over wandering, and worship over worry.

    How do you use them? You can pick a random card on a day when you need it, or search through to find the right one when you're in a tough spot. No matter your season, we believe God has made you victorious through Jesus, and these cards are just helpful hints to help you AGREE with the victory He has written over your life.

    We believe that these powerful little cards can change the lives of the women around us. Who's in? 

    Go here to grab a set for mamas!
    Go here to get one for a college gal



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