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    #FAVFIVE: Jess Connolly, Founder + Co-Owner

    #FAVFIVE: Jess Connolly, Founder + Co-Owner

    HI FRIENDS! I'm Jess Connolly! The founder and co-owner of All Good Things Collective! I'm a church planter, a mom of four, an author and speaker! I love coffee, color, and community and the internet!

    Here are some fun facts about me:
    - I'm a huge scaredy-cat. No scary movies ever. Don't walk in the dark alone. No way Jose.
    - I'm obsessed with helping women give birth and seeing them worship - which is about one in the same, Amen?
    - My perfect day includes a long run, an acai bowl, the beach with my kids, and work! I love getting to work in small business and ministry!

    Here are my favorite products from our shop!

    June Playlist!

    June Playlist!

    Our office runs on coffee + good tunes! Today we want to share with you some of our favorite jams for this summer.  As a part of our "Summer to Celebrate", we are releasing THREE new playlists! You can catch us listening to these on repeat all summer long! 

    First up - P R A I S E

    We've compiled some of our favorite worship jams to help you greet each day with joy + expectancy. 

    Follow this link, turn it up, and praise dance your heart out! 

    P.S. Be on the lookout next month for our second playlist!

    #FAVFIVE: Melissa Sims, Customer Delight Specialist

    #FAVFIVE: Melissa Sims, Customer Delight Specialist

    Hey, hey friends, Melissa here!
    I am originally from NY, living in Georgia, soon on my way to Texas-- and I am embracing the military lifestyle with my dear husband Matt! I ship your packages, manage our day to day office, and dabble in project management!
    Fun facts about me: our mug cabinet is overcrowded because you can never have too many mugs, right? I deeply enjoy all things green and growing, am double jointed in my elbows, shoulders and knees, and I love adoption. 

    #FAVFIVE: Helen Brooks, Co-Owner

    #FAVFIVE: Helen Brooks, Co-Owner

    Hello friends!

    I’m Helen, one of the co-owners of All Good Things Collective. I am a wife to Will, and a mother of 3 fun-loving girls. I am obsessed with color, and an artist at heart. I love to paint and want the world to see through my art that God is good, creative, and fun! I have a passion for telling story through art and sharing what God has done in my life.

    Random facts: We have a furniture-clawing cat, a dog who has given me enough crazy content to fill a novel, and a bunny named Thumper. I have a strange obsession with newspapers, like the ones made from real paper. I love the wonder of nature and honeypots full of my husband’s homegrown honey. I find comfort in family meals. I don’t care a thing about pretty fingernails, and I would choose adventure and art supplies over diamonds and gold any day of the week.

    Click here to shop my #FAVFIVE from our shop!

    All Good Things Tribe

    All Good Things Tribe

    Friends - we need you on our team! 

    With our relaunch, we are rallying a team of cheerleaders + go-getters to be on the forefront of what we're doing! We have been so encouraged and blessed by you, our faithful, loving community.

    As we move forward as a company, we need you on our side! We're looking for people to get real loud with us about our mission, vision, and overall brand. 

    We've created a private FB group for all you willing to dive deep with us! This group serves as a sounding board for everything All Good Things! It just started a few weeks ago, and it is already one of our favorite places in the cyber world.

    Those in the group are the first to see new product, help us choose verses, hear about discounts + more! To make it even better, we're giving everyone in our "Tribe" with a quarterly gift, just to say thank you!

    Interested in joining? Click here to join our All Good Things Tribe!



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