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    Guide to Advent

    Guide to Advent

    This is our seventh year celebrating Advent as a company, and while our product has shifted and changed throughout the years, our mission and vision to see women draw near to the Lord has stayed exactly the same.

    We are so glad that you have chosen to join us as we seek the Lord this Advent. We are thrilled that you want to walk with us as we prepare our hearts, our homes, and our communities to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This year our aim during Advent is to do less, so we have the margin and energy to make the holiday mean more.

    In addition to our 2017 Advent Line, we’ve created this Advent guide with you in mind. We want to equip you with tools, treats + tricks to help you celebrate the season. Our hope is that this won’t just be another holiday to-do, but that it will ignite remembrance and celebration of our Savior’s birth.

    We pray that this guide, alongside our devotional and calendar, leads you to celebration + connection. Let that be our inclination this Advent, to celebrate through connecting with others, sharing the joy of Christ coming to dwell among us! We are asking God to open our eyes to ways we can connect on a deeper level with Christ and others this Advent season.

    Grace + Peace,

    Hannah + the All Good Things Team! 

    To view the guide, click here: 2017 ADVENT GUIDE

    Deck out your D O R M

    Deck out your D O R M

    This one goes out to all our college gals out there. We want to help you cover the walls of your dorm + your heart with encouragement + scripture. 
    We've put together a collection featuring our favorite pieces to deck out your dorm.  Check it out HERE! It includes a whole ton of art, some of our favorite apparel, and few resources to help you live life abundantly. 
    We've also come up with this mood board, some pinterest inspiration, and a few of our favorite DIYs to make your dorm feel like home. Check out our pinterest for all the back to school vibes! Let's set the tone for this year, with gratefulness and expectancy of what he is going to do in your life. 
    Not in college, but know a gal who is? We hope this inspires you to bless her like crazy with the word of the Lord. Let's cultivate a generation of women who strive to breath in Jesus and breathe out hope. 

    Justice + Giving Update

    Justice + Giving Update

    Hey all, Melissa here!  

    One of the biggest joys I’ve had while working with All Good Things has been building relationships with people on our shipping team. (Being from out of state meant I was a bit lacking in the friend department when I first arrived!) Through the craziness of the Advent season and the transition of our company from Amen Paper to All Good Things, these people have truly become friends.  A few months ago, we introduced you to Max + Tieshual!  Here is a little update on our two dear members of the AGT team!

    Max came to us by way of an arts program for the homeless where Helen taught every Thursday morning. He has a gentle, bashful demeanor, dreadlocks nearly as long as he is tall, and probably the best imagination of any adult I know. His artistic style is totally story-driven. If you take the time to ask for an explanation of his paintings, you will be blown away by the thought that went into each detail.

    By God’s grace and the generosity of a well-known, local artist, Max now has the opportunity to work out of his VERY OWN studio! He is currently wrapping up a project he has been working on for months:  an incredible 2-D replica of a church. The exactness of each detail is incredible. I am so thankful to have a friend like Max; he has taught me to pay closer attention to life’s details.

    Many of you may remember the story we shared with you months ago about a single mom named Tieshual and her son Quentin, who has a brain tumor. In another glorious unfolding of events, God brought our attention to their situation, and gave us the opportunity to invest in their lives. Tieshual would come to work several days a week, after attending college classes in the mornings. As I got to know Tieshual and learned more about her life story, I became increasingly burdened by her situation, often wondering desperately if we could do more to help her. I prayed and fretted and strategized ways to get Quentin into a better school, to move them into a better neighborhood, to give her more hours. I felt helpless.

    But GOD.

    God is always working on so many different planes and in ways that I cannot see. One day Tiehsual came into the office and casually told me that she had gotten a full-time job working next door at MercyMed (a wonderful community health center that we partnered with for our 2017 Verse of the Year Line). I am pretty sure my jaw dropped, my brain trying to catch up with what she had just told me. And then I started loudly exclaiming, so giddy with amazement and relief, so surprised by how God had been working all along.

    I had lunch with Tieshual and Helen about two weeks ago, and the good news just kept coming. Quentin is being transferred to a better school. His brain tumor is shrinking, and for no apparent reason. Tieshual is growing at her job and getting her driver’s license. I was, and continue to be, in awe of the goodness of God that is so evident in her life.

    God has taught me so much about beauty and about who He is through Max and Tieshual, people I probably would never have met under normal circumstances.  He has humbled me with their stories. Their friendship has had a profound effect on my life and I am so very grateful.  

    We wanted to share this great news with you, because it is all possible because of YOU! Because of you, All Good Things has been able to provide meaningful, flexible work for those struggling to find employment. You have come alongside those in the adoption process by allowing us to provide prints for auctions and fundraisers. You have given to Young Life and other local ministries. We believe God asks us to be responsive to the community around us, available and willing to step in as needed, and by your purchase, you are making that happen. Thank you for coming alongside us and agreeing to keep your “eyes open” to those in need of abundant life.

    We are beyond grateful for you.

    All the love,
    The All Good Things Team

    #FAVFIVE: Hannah Warren, Creative Marketing Guru

    #FAVFIVE: Hannah Warren, Creative Marketing Guru

    Hey there friends! Hannah here, your creative marketing gal! 

    I'm a big big fan of neutral colors, all denim outfits + indoor plants! You can most likely find me brunching my way through town, or scouring google flights for my next grand adventure. Here are some fast facts about me:

    - I'm a midwest gal, living in Los Angeles by way of Austin, Texas. 
    - I'm wildly obsessed with the Enneagram (I'm an 8 w/ a 7 wing), and helping people learn more about themselves!
    - I'm currently trying to teach myself Spanish by watching Netflix with spanish subtitles (wish me luck!).

    Click here, to shop my #favfive from our shop! 

    #FAVFIVE: Jess Connolly, Founder + Co-Owner

    #FAVFIVE: Jess Connolly, Founder + Co-Owner

    HI FRIENDS! I'm Jess Connolly! The founder and co-owner of All Good Things Collective! I'm a church planter, a mom of four, an author and speaker! I love coffee, color, and community and the internet!

    Here are some fun facts about me:
    - I'm a huge scaredy-cat. No scary movies ever. Don't walk in the dark alone. No way Jose.
    - I'm obsessed with helping women give birth and seeing them worship - which is about one in the same, Amen?
    - My perfect day includes a long run, an acai bowl, the beach with my kids, and work! I love getting to work in small business and ministry!

    Here are my favorite products from our shop!



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