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    Blog — #heroofmyhome

    All in favor of REAL REST, say I!

    All in favor of REAL REST, say I!

    "Come to me. Get away with me and you'll recover your life. I'll show you how to take a real rest." Matthew 11:28

    It’s week four in our #heroofmyhome print series. As a recap, we’re giving you a fresh new print each week that we pray emboldens and equips you to lead and love with expectancy in your home – whatever that looks like.

    This print and declaration comes together to make one wild statement: God will give me rest and He is big enough to give me rest AND use my work.

    We’re drawing a line in the sand and then leaping over it, never looking back when we say this: Refusing to rest doesn’t make me a hero. Working myself to the bone does not lead me to worshipping well. I am not stronger than God or in more control than He is, so I will take His invitation to abide with obedience. I will come to Him when He calls and I will work from a place of His approval, His love, and trust in His ability to get it all done.

    I will be the hero of my home by walking boldly into the throne room of grace and taking the mercy He’s promised me (Hebrews 4:16). I will rest with intention and integrity. I will not find my worth in my ability to work, but in His love and upholding affection.

    Amen? Now, who needs this as a reminder in their kitchen/office/bedroom/bathroom/living room? Me too.

    #heroofmyhome battle cry

    #heroofmyhome battle cry

    We all need encouragement every now and then, right? We all need a friend to come alongside us and say: Keep going! You’re doing it right! I see how hard you’re working!

    But sometimes, if you’re anything like me, you go through seasons where there just isn’t anyone there to speak life to what you’re doing. Sometimes the people you’re loving and leading are too busy going through their own stuff, it would be unfair to put the expectation on them to see you, acknowledge how hard you’re working, and cheer you on.

    Moms know this –  it takes until kids are in their thirties to turn around and say, “OH! You were doing all that for me!". Women in ministry know this! Baristas know this – you gals slinging coffee and making lattes are making the earth go round and the last time I checked there weren’t throngs of people celebrating you and your early mornings or your burned hands from hot sloshing espresso. Teachers – you know this. Nurses – you hear me. If our work was fueled by the cheering on of others, we wouldn’t be such great workers.

    We all need a little encouragement and sometimes it’s just not there. But a hero of her home? She is a woman who is out to speak life and bring hope and truth and encouragement everywhere she goes. She knows that there are seasons + moments when she’ll have to go straight to God to get the validation and the acknowledgment that she needs.

    She knows that the Words of life that He speaks over her are one million times more valuable than any a human could bring.

    Proverbs 31:18 MSG says, “She senses the worth of her work.” And I think this is such a #heroofmyhome battle cry. There may be times where I need humans to come around me and speak to my worthiness or my work, there may be times when God uses them to encourage me.

    But on the average day, I will find my hope and my belief and my joy and my calling in Him, His Word, and what He’s written over my life by the power of the Holy Spirit.

    I will take my time to sense the worth of my work, whatever it is, pressing in where He’s placed me and believing He will equip me for all He has called me to.

    A woman who is ready to make a difference senses the worth of her work. A woman who is ready to love, serve, and give all she’s got senses the worth of her work. She is the hero of her home, because she takes God at His Word.

    We pray you enjoy this week's print and that it spurs you on to remember that He who called you is faithful and His word over your life is more valuable than any other.

    Grace + peace,
    Jess  Connolly

    Are you ready to stand firm?

    Are you ready to stand firm?

    Ladies, it’s week two of us stepping up and stepping into the belief that God has put us right where we’re at on purpose. It’s week two of us rising to the occasion and refusing to shrink back inside our own fears about our capacity or capability. It's week two of us boldly declaring, I am the hero of my home. And we’re going for the gold today, not easing into it.
    I think one of the wildest things we can believe about God (+ the wildest thing we can share about Him) is found in Romans 8:28.

    And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.

    There are lots of mysteries and deep-meanings in the Bible. There are pieces of theology that I'm not sure if we’ll ever understand. And honestly? I like it that way. Because God is big and holy, and if I can explain Him on a chart – He’s a lot more like me. To be honest, I can’t even explain ME on a chart, so I don’t want to be able to understand and conquer everything there is to know about God. That would make Him small and human, which He isn’t.
    But He lets us know some things for certain, in plain and clear view, in black and white. He says some things so directly that we can’t look past them. And this passage is one of those.

    God is working ALL things for the GOOD of those who love Him and have been called according to HIS purpose.

    There are a few things I can stand on here:

    • All things. My coffee spilling, my dad getting sick, the nanny showing up late, and me losing my job. All of it. He’s working in all of these things.
    • For the good. It may be a BAD circumstance, but if I believe in Him, I believe that there will be good in the situation somewhere. He is molding every scenario for my benefit.
    • His purpose. It may not look like my plans or my perfectly thought-up scenarios, but it’s His. And because He knows so much better than I do, I want to be down with His purpose.

    This is a simple truth, but one that changes everything. I can’t really pitch a fit about things not going my way when I believe this truth. I can’t crawl into the depths of despair when I firmly know His purposes are unfolding for me. And when I am standing firm on the truth that I believe these three things about Him, everyone else around me is impacted.
    Are you ready to stand firm ladies? To be the hero of your home this week, proclaiming this unshakeable truth that God has told us about Himself?
    Consider for a second the alternative: that He is careless, that things will slip through the cracks, that He is out for my bad, or that He never had a plan to begin with.
    That doesn’t sound like Him. That doesn’t sound like someone who would send His Son to save the world. That doesn’t sound like someone who would give His life for me, see me, guide me, redeem me, and take joy in me.
    I think I’ll stand firm on the truth today. How about you?

    Grace + peace,
    Jess  Connolly

    Say it with me: I am the hero of my home.

    Say it with me: I am the hero of my home.

    The phrase started rolling around in my mind a few months ago. Hero of my home. Hero of my home. What if women felt like they were the hero of their home?

    Can I be honest – I don’t feel like the hero of my home all that often. When it comes to adding value to a family, sometimes I’m tempted to feel like I don’t offer much. I don’t make the best meals, I’m not crafty or spontaneous. I’m not the one you want to help with your homework and in general – my disposition isn’t just naturally light or cheery.

    And I’ve got a choice to bemoan the fact that I’m not Mary Poppins or Cinderella OR I can start to agree with what God has said about me and what He’s written over me life. See, REALLY – I don’t want to be the hero of my home. In my whole life, not just in my home life, I want to leave people more in awe of GOD than I found them. I want Jesus to be the HERO of my home and when it’s all said and done – I want my people to be more impressed and enamored with Him than they are with me.

    But I also want to acknowledge that He has put me in this place, with these people, on purpose. He’s called me to this family and these friends so that I can be an ambassador of His life, light, peace, grace, hope, and healing. And so in that respect, I’ve decided to trash the idea that I can never be the hero because I can’t make a pinterest-worthy roast chicken or because I’m not amazing at
    folding fitted sheets. Instead, I’ve decided to take Him at His Word that He’ll equip me for the task at hand, and I’ve vowed to take my place as chief life-speaker, truth-believer, and hope-slinger within my community.

    This summer, each week we’re going to bring you one new print that you can place somewhere in your home to remind you that while God is the ultimate hero – He’s made you His ambassador. We hope each new piece of art arms you with a weapon of spiritual warfare, to take your place as you battle defeat, discouragement, and any darkness that comes your way.

    Are you ready? Are you ready for some weekly BEAUTIFUL reminders that you are the hero of your home? Are you ready to take your place? We think this might just start a revolution and we want you on the front lines with us.

    Say it with me: I am the hero of my home.
    I am here to set the temperature of worship and refreshment.
    I have everything I need in Christ alone.

    - Jess



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