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    Before Black Friday Sale Details

    Before Black Friday Sale Details

    Alright, let's talk details.

    We've told you we're hosting our biggest sale EVER, but what does that mean? Pour yourself a cup of coffee and come in close as we spill all the details about our Before Black Friday Sale.

    First things first: The sale officially goes live (to the public) at 9 am EST this Friday (11.22). But since you, our newsletter subscribers, are our all-time faves, we're letting you shop early, starting Thursday night at 9 pm EST. We'll send you a secret email with a password protected link to get early access to our biggest sale we've ever had.

    *pro-tip: head on over to our website right now, and fill up your cart with all your favorites, to make shopping simple come Thursday night.

    Here's the type of sales you can expect to see:

    • 30% off Apparel
    • 40% off Canvases + Posters
    • 50% off Daily Remain Products + Victory Cards
    • 60%-80% off 8x10 Art Prints

    These discounts will automatically be applied, so you won't need to use a coupon code. *Before Black Friday discounts cannot be combined with other coupon codes.

    Plus we're giving away a $500 gift card to Amazon, just because we love you.

    Prep your hearts, prep your carts, then meet us back here Thursday night!

    Advent Pre-sale Details

    Advent Pre-sale Details

    Mark your calendars, set your alarms, tell all your friends—because Advent pre-sales launch in just FIVE DAYS!

    This year's Advent theme is Heaven is Here: A 25 day guided journey to experience the abundance of Jesus here and now. 

    To help you do this, we've got two tools, specifically made with you in mind. 

    FIRST UP: our 2019 Advent Calendar! If you've celebrated Advent with us before, you may notice that there is just one Advent Calendar this year! We made this choice intentionally, to empower you to lead your crew (family or community) through this season.

    Whether you are using these products alone, in a community group, or as a family, we want to remind you that you get to set the tone. You get to decide how these products best serve you and those in your life. You get to be an ambassador of God's peace, truth, and light this Advent season. 

    Each calendar contains 25 art prints (4 "x4") that you can string on your mantle, tape to your fridge, or keep in a stack at the dinner table (here's how we displayed ours from last year)! Each card features beautiful artwork by Lindsay Letters, and a prompt or activity to help you experience the abundance of Jesus, here and now with your family or community.

    UP NEXT: we've got a 25 day Advent Guide! This guide is broken up into five weekly studies leading up to Christmas day. Within each week, you will find a brief teaching from Jess Connolly, founder, and co-owner of All Good Things Collective, as well as supplemental scripture, prompts for discussion, and essays written by our online community. We pray each week of this journey beckons you deeper into your understanding of Heaven on earth.

    The point of this guided journal is not for you to spend 45 minutes searching all over the bible - the point is for you to spend a quick minute with God in a crazy busy season.

    Here's the thing: pre-sales start on Tuesday, and will only be available to the first 1,000 customers! 

    Here's what you need to know:

    Only bundles are available for pre-order. That means when you pre-order, you get BOTH the calendar and the guide. If you would like to buy one or the other individually, you will have to wait until October 8th, at which point they will no longer be on sale. 

    This is the ONLY time Advent products will be on sale. After pre-orders are over, this year's Advent collection will never go on sale again.

    The first 500 people who pre-order will get $10 off their bundle price! Each bundle is $50 (which already saves you 18%), but the first 500 people will get it for just $40! 

    The following 500 customers will get $5 off, so their Advent bundle will only be $45 (still $15 in savings)! 

    PLUS 10% of every purchase will go straight to help cover the medical bills of Eva Love Sherbondy. 

    We are only selling 1,000 of these pre-sale deals. After that, you will have to wait until October 8th, at which point these products will not be on sale. Mark your calendars for this Tuesday, 9/17 at 12 PM EST, and make sure to follow along on Instagram all weekend for sneak peeks.

    Got questions? We have answers! Head on over to Instagram and send us a DM, or leave us a comment! 

    We have BIG NEWS!

    We have BIG NEWS!

    We've got big news: after nine abundant, life-giving, and mission-minded years we have decided to close All Good Things Collective.

    This decision was prayerfully made with full hearts and open hands. As a team, we have felt God nudging us to take a step of obedience and worshipfully steward what He has given us. While this decision is bittersweet, we are confident that God will continue to use this ministry as a launching point for the Kingdom. We know that sometimes you have to let good things go, to let new things grow, and we firmly believe things are growing over here. 

    We didn't start All Good Things to make a million bucks or to retire early. To be honest, we wouldn't have thought we could anyhow. All Good Things (originally called Naptime Diaries) started out of a desperate need for God's word to cover the walls of our hearts and home amid a really hard season. Come to find out, we weren't the only ones who needed beautiful reminders of God's promises during trials and triumphs alike. As God blew on our little small business, giving it favor and momentum, we started to see that we could use it as a tool for the Kingdom—and that was the real dream.

    So many small businesses do what they do, not to build beautiful lives for themselves, but because small business can mean Kingdom business. They do it because more profit equals more giving. They do it because employing people means empowering them. They do it to take what God has given them and wield it for His glory.

    We feel like the most blessed people in the world to have shared this space with you for nearly a decade. We have seen God move in ways far greater than we could have dreamed or imagined.

    By joining-arms with our Kingdom Business, you have partnered with us in supporting adoptions, and foster care. You have employed single moms and families in transition. You have given to non-profits, churches, and ministries on a local and global level.

    All along, we knew All Good Things was more than a print shop—we knew God was up to something great. We look back, brimming with gratitude, and look forward, overflowing with hope. 

    It is with very full hearts that we prayerfully enter this next season, asking God to use our remaining time as All Good Things for His glory. We will remain open until the end of the year, and we've got some big plans in place to celebrate all that He has done.

    Here's the good news: we still have a few months to run fast and hard together in this community towards an abundant life. Practically, here's what that means:

    1. You still have a little more time to fill your life with God's word by ordering your favorite print, scripture tool, or t-shirt!
    2. We get to celebrate the season of Advent together, one last time! Knowing that it will be our last, this Advent season feels even more sacred and special. Pre-orders will be officially available next Tuesday, September 17th! 
    3. We get to count the fruit. Do you have a testimony about your favorite All Good Things product? We'd be so blessed to hear it! Share how God has moved in and through this Kingdom-Business to speak truth into your life by using the hashtag #AGTstory.

    With (very) grateful hearts,
    The All Good Things Collective Team

    June 2019 Playlist

    June 2019 Playlist

    Hey friends! Hannah, here—your creative marketing guru. Today I wanted to share some of the songs we've had on repeat for the past month. 

    Our office basically runs on coffee + good tunes, so we hope this new playlist inspires you to worship your way through the week. Crank up the tunes, grab a Lacroix, and dance your way through summer! You got this sister friend! 

    Click here, to see what songs we've been playing in our office.

    As always, feel free to DM us with all your favorite song suggestions + make sure to give us a follow on Spotify, so that you'll be notified when we publish a new playlist! 

    We're hosting a POSTER PARTY!

    We're hosting a POSTER PARTY!


    This week only, all posters are 30% off! Posters are hands-down our best-kept secret! They are perfect for hanging, taping, or framing! However you choose to display them, they are an easy way to make a big impact on your wall without making a big impact on your wallet. WIN WIN!

    PLUS, did you know that ALL of our prints can be ordered as an 18x24 poster?? Time to make those gallery wall dreams come true!

    Snag one (or a whole bear-hug full) at 30% off this week only when you use the code POSTERPARTY!



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