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    Our Advent Collection is almost here!

    Our Advent Collection is almost here!

    FRIENDS - we officially launch Advent in just FIVE MORE SLEEPS! 

    ICYMI: A few weeks ago we launched pre-sales, which were only available to the first 1,000 customers. Y'all came to play and blew us out of the water. Those first 1,000 sales went like hot cakes, and we were nearly crying with pure joy. However, the ONLY option for pre-sales was to purchase a bundle (a journal + a calendar)!

    While the calendar + the journal were created to go hand-in-hand, starting Tuesday you can buy a journal or calendar independently, a journal/calendar bundle (at a lower price) OR a bundle of journals (at an even lower price) to share with all your friends. 

    This insanely beautiful line of product features artwork and poetry by our friend Morgan Harper Nichols. We are continually blessed by her, and we know you will be too! Aside from being BREATHTAKING, this line is chalked full of practical, simple, encouragement for the season of Advent. We pray each product leads you deeper into your relationship with Jesus this upcoming season. 

    Set your alarms and call all your friends, because Advent is ALMOST HERE! 

    One week until our favorite time of the year!

    One week until our favorite time of the year!


    We are just ONE WEEK away from launching presales for our 2018 Advent Calendar + Scripture Guide! Introducing: WONDER: 25 DAYS TO PONDER, PRAISE, AND PLAY.

    We can barely believe it, but this is our 8th year celebrating the season of Advent together. Over the years, we have tweaked this line to ensure we continue to bring you the most beautiful, life-giving, and purposeful Advent products we can. We may be biased, but we truly believe this is our best Advent line to date! 

    We are beyond thrilled to announce this year's Advent partner: Morgan Harper Nichols. If you don't already follow Morgan, do yourself a favor and check her out on Instagram. Not only is she insanely talented, but she faithfully uses her gifts to encourage women, and further the Kingdom. We are so blessed by her, and we know you will be too! We hope her art encourages you throughout the season of Advent and beyond as we seek to celebrate the greatest gift of all - the birth of Jesus. 

    This year our aim during Advent is to regain a new sense of WONDER. Our hope is that throughout this season you truly ponder the story of Christmas, praise the great love of our Father, and respond in play. 

    To help you do this, we've got two tools, specifically made with you in mind:

    FIRST UP: two separate Advent calendar cards. One for families, and another for all communities.  This year, we wanted to give you specific hands-on tools to help make this season mean more, so in addition to amazing artwork + lettering by Morgan, we have written simple action items on the back of each card to help you ponder, praise, + play.

    On the back of these cards you won't find another Christmas to-do (such as decorating your tree, or going sledding) - instead, you'll find practical ways to connect, inspire, and reflect throughout the Advent season. 

    UP NEXT: we've got a 25 day guided journal for the season of Advent written by the All Good Things Collective team with artwork + poetry from Morgan Harper Nichols. Within this journal, you will find daily verses and prompts, as well as supplemental narratives to help bring the season of Advent to life. We hope this simple tool helps guide you into a deeper relationship with Christ, and a fresh understanding of this season. 


    This year, we've got one incredible deal for the first 1,000 customers who pre-order!

    The first 200 people who order the journal + the calendar (calendar of your choice) will get an exclusive Advent print AND $10 off their bundle. 

    Customers 201-500 are also going to get $10 off!! So what is normally a $50 set, which is already an amazing deal (because the products cost more separately) will be available to you for only $40!!!

    The 501-1,000 customers will get $5 off, so their Advent bundle will only be $45! This is still $12 cheaper than buying the products separately! 

    AGAIN, we are only selling 1,000 of these pre-sale deals. After that, you will have to wait a few weeks until Advent officially launches. At that point, the price will not be on sale, we will never have a discount code, and it will stay at $50 for the rest of the season - so MAKE SURE you are one of the first 1,000 customers!

    Mark your calendars for this Tuesday, 9/25 at 12 pm EST, and make sure to follow along on Instagram all week for sneak peeks of the artwork!

    I'm not an expert.

    I'm not an expert.

    Friends - Jess Connolly here! 

    I’m no expert on the Bible. I’m just a passionate believer that if we have access to it, we should use it. Because if someone told you there was a book you could read that would bring encouragement, peace, passion, and direction to your life - you’d be all about that, right?

    Honestly, I don’t really want to be an expert, but I do basically want to be a pro at encouraging woman to take advantage of what they’ve got. And that is access to truth, life, authority, power, and HEAVEN. And that’s why we made the Daily Remain - to help women step into everyday abiding and relationship with their Father. This product is the answer to the question: how do YOU spend time with the Lord? What makes it meaningful and what keeps you coming back?

    If you want to be an expert or the smartest girl in the room, there might be a better tool for you. If you want to draw near to the Lord every day, saying real words to Him and hearing them back: this is for you.

    We've got two new covers for Daily Remain + two new covers for Sermon Notes coming your way this Tuesday! Join me in a drawing near to the Lord?

    This one's for the gals who wear many hats!

    This one's for the gals who wear many hats!

    It's officially been one week since we launched our new collection of hats, and we are still SWOONING. We've got five fresh designs + a fan fav (back in black)! 

    Want to know why we love hats so much?

    Our team wears a lot of hats because we figuratively wear a lot of hats. And honestly? We're not really sure how we'd make it through a day that includes motherhood, marriage, church ministry, and small business if it weren’t for HATS. Because sometimes it comes down to getting our work done or washing our hair. Or sleeping 7 hours or washing our hair. Or reading the Bible or washing our hair. And washing our hair never wins.

    So weather you wear a lot of hats, or you just like looking fresh + cute this new line is for YOU! 

    If you want to know about our love for t-shirts, check out this blog post!