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    Let's get personal!

    Let's get personal!

    Can we let you in on a secret?

    Every January we work our tails off to bring you a fresh new line of artwork for the new year. As each new year approaches, our team gets together to pray over the ways we perceive God directing us. As a business, one of our commitments is to keep our eyes and our hands open to whatever He brings our way. We often lay down repetitive structures—even if they have worked well for us in the past—in order to make room for new + exciting paths He is calling us to walk down. 

    Typically around this time of the year, we release a "Verse of the Year" line, where we ask God to give us a few simple verses to pray over you, our beloved community. This year, we took our approach in a fresh direction. Next Tuesday, All Good Things Collective will launch a brand new line of art born from that desire to forge new ways.

    If you follow us closely online, you may have heard us gush about one of our favorite topics: the Enneagram. 

    If you’re unfamiliar, the Enneagram is a personality typing system that describes how human beings are wired from birth both positively and negatively. It provides a practical + comprehensive way to access a deeper knowledge of yourself, greater compassion for others, and a resounding love for our Creator. 

    The Enneagram helps you not only understand yourself, but it allows you to see the world through someone else’s eyes, often times leading to a greater understanding of how and why people think, act, and feel the way they do.

    The Road Back to You, puts it this way: “By challenging us to bravely explore who we really are, the Enneagram helps us recognize and overcome self-defeating patterns of behavior and to become our most authentic selves.”

    Our staff has found so much freedom by exploring the Enneagram together. Unpacking the layers of our motivations has helped us love God + love others in a whole new way. 

    As we were praying over you, we sensed God leading us to respond to this system in the best way we know how — with His Word.

    Next Tuesday, we are proud to introduce you to eighteen brand new prints curated specifically in response to the Enneagram. We looked at the strengths + the struggles of each number and met them with scripture. Throughout the line, you will find two fresh designs created for all nine Enneagram types. We are absolutely smitten with each and every piece of this line and cannot wait to get them into your hands! 

    Stay tuned in the next few days as we share a few sneak peeks of the line, as well as some of our favorite Enneagram resources. If you happen to be new to the Enneagram and are interested in learning more, we recommend taking this test first and exploring the Enneagram Institute website.

    How to use your 2018 Advent Products

    How to use your 2018 Advent Products

    'tis the season! This blog post is for anyone that has purchased an Advent Product this year! We put together this document to guide you through each product in our Advent collection. Whether you purchased one, or all three, we pray these tools lead you to a time of deep connection + celebration!
    If you have not purchased your Advent products yet, it's not too late. Click here to shop the whole collection! 
    This year, our aim during Advent is to regain a new sense of W O N D E R. Our hope is that you use this calendar to ponder the story of Christmas, to praise the great love of our Father, and to respond in play - because this, the story of Jesus, is good news. Our Advent Calendar was designed to be used in any way that fits the needs of your family/community. You can choose to go through one prompt a day, following the original order, or choose a prompt at random when you need it. Maybe keep them strung on your mantle, or choose to leave them in a pile at the dinner table. There is no right or wrong way to use this product. Our favorite way to display them is with bakers twine + mini clothes-pins. If you are also using the Guided Scripture Journal, you will notice that the prompts correlate to daily verses. For styling tips + tricks, check out our blog!
    2. Guided Scripture Journal: (Sold out)
    Within this journal, you will find daily verses and prompts to guide you through this season. Our hope is that you use the space provided to ponder the story of Christmas, to praise the great love of our Father, and to respond in play. This guided journal was written and developed by our All Good Things Collective team, and features artwork from Morgan Harper Nichols! This journal was designed to accompany your bible reading time, and provide flexible structure for your time with the Father. The point of this guided journal is not for you to spend 45 minutes searching all over the bible - the point is for you to spend a quick minute with God in a crazy busy season. Every day features a “theme”, verse (or collection of verses) and four simple prompts to help you journal: Pause, Ponder, Praise, Play.
    Here’s what we mean by these prompts:
    Before you begin everyday, we encourage you to physically pause. Use this time to quiet yourself, remove the distractions + ask the Lord what He has for you today.
    Write it all down. Favorite quotes. Questions. Patterns. Write down anything that sticks out to you! Read the surrounding scriptures if you have time, or look up another passage about today’s theme! Write down what you think, what you are learning, anything that you want to look into further.
    Write down your blessings! Take this space to write down a few things you are grateful for today. No matter how big or how small - let’s thank the Lord. What did you learn about God from this passage? How has this opened you up to see the father better, to see Jesus better, to understand the work of the holy spirit in your life today. Take some time just to praise Him. Maybe thank Him for a characteristic that you saw of Him in scripture.
    This is your space to respond to God’s word. Do whatever feels fun + natural to you! Maybe consider writing out your prayers, writing what you are grateful for, drawing a fun doodle, writing a poem, or creating a few objectives for how you want to live out God’s word.
    Essentially here’s the goal of this tool:
    We want to help you connect to God’s word in meaningful way during a really hectic season. That’s why we’ve given you a guided scripture journal - the plan of exactly what to read, and how to respond. The rest is up to you!
    In addition to the daily entries, you will also find some fun bonus material. Throughout the book, there is historical info about the birth of Jesus, Mary the mother of Jesus, and the shepherds PLUS lots of beautiful artwork from Morgan Harper Nichols! We hope this tool leaves you excited and inspired about God’s Word during this season.
    Within this 46 page guide, you will find holiday decor inspiration, lots of yummy recipes, quick + easy DIYs, playlists filled with our favorite tunes, AND a 14-page workbook to help you make the most of this season. This workbook walks you through multiple questions and prompts that will leave you feeling freed up to have the best holiday season yet.
    For best use, we recommend viewing this PDF in Adobe Acrobat Reader. To read each page side by side (like a magazine) select “Two Page Scrolling” + “Show Cover Page in Two Page View” in your display settings. The Guide to Thrive “Workbook” begins at page 30 and ends at page 43. If you would like to print these pages out, you may do so in color or in black and white.

    Purchase with Purpose

    Purchase with Purpose


    From the get-go, one of our core values as a business has been giving! We didn't start All Good Things to make a million dollars, but as God blew on our little business, giving it favor and momentum, we started to see that we could use it as a tool for the Kingdom.

    We believe that small business can mean Kingdom business. More profit can equal more giving + employing people can mean empowering people.

    As a company, we exist to funnel as much profit + energy back into the Kingdom.  We believe God has called us to be responsive to the community around us, available and willing to step in as needed. We ask the Lord daily to keep our eyes open to these needs so that we can be obedient to meeting them.

    Here's where you come in -
    When you purchase a hat, tee, poster, print, etc.- you're not just declaring abundance over YOUR life, you are helping provide abundant life to others. Over the past couple of years, your purchases have gone to support a medical clinic, provide flexible employment to those in need, fund adoptions + medical expenses, support school intervention programs, build up church plants + more!

    And to be honest? We're just getting started. We are excited to link arms with you and run full speed ahead after abundant life. The Kingdom is here, and the Kingdom is now, and it is our joy and honor to use what we have for the Glory of God and for the good of others. 

    This Giving Tuesday we are so happy to share that 10% of all purchases will go directly to World Relief, an organization that is near + dear to our hearts.

    World Relief partners with communities, churches & governments for change. Alongside many other efforts, World Relief is making a huge impact in addressing the global + local refugee crisis. Through advocacy, education, and development, World Relief provides vital programs that create lasting change. Your purchase today directly impacts their initiatives + directly impacts the Kingdom --- for that we are SO grateful! 

    In the spirit of giving, we are extending our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales by 24 hours!

    That means you have one more day to grab your favorite print, poster, or set of Victory Cards at 40% off, or your new favorite sweatshirt at 20% off!

    Our hope in doing this is that we not only bless you but that we bless World Relief in a massive way. 

    This holiday season, we encourage you to make purposeful purchases that make a lasting impact!

    The real MVPs of Black Friday sales

    The real MVPs of Black Friday sales

    Does anyone else feel a little bit overwhelmed on Black Friday weekend? We are HERE for a good sale, but sometimes the abundance of choices can overtake any sense of direction we once had *cue moment of silence for all the shopping carts we have abandoned altogether*.

    We want to help you make the best choices this Black Friday weekend, so we've put together an insider's how-to, on all the things you won't want to miss this weekend!

    1. The real MVP of Black Friday Sales: PRINT BUNDLES.
    Let's be honest, Print Bundles are always our hidden heroes - but with an extra 40% off? We're basically paying you to take our art. If you buy a bundle this weekend you can snag 3 prints for $22, 7 for $50 or 12 for $81!!! Create a gallery wall or stock up on your favs to give as gifts to all your gal pals. 

    2. Our all-time favorite product: Daily Remain.
    Daily Remain is hands-down our staff favorite product. This simple tool has completely transformed our time in the word, and we pray it does the same for you. We've been out of stock for weeks now, and we are thrilled to announce their return for Black Friday! Snag one for the start of the year while it's 40% off! 

    3. Our go-to gift for all seasons: Victory Cards
    Victory cards are our go-to gift for all our gal pals. Whether you have friends in ministry, new mom friends, a slew of college girls, or you're looking for the perfect teacher gift, we've got you covered! If you want an extra deal, pick up a set of three at a discounted rate! 

    4. The biggest bang for your buck: Posters
    Want to make a huge impact on your walls without making a huge impact on your wallet? Say hello to POSTERS. We truly believe that posters are one of our best-kept secrets. They are the most affordable way to make a statement + you can buy a bundle of three for an extra discount! This weekend only, buy one for $21, or 3 for $51!

    5. If you're going for the WOW factor: Canvases
    A canvas really can transform a whole room. And a canvas on SALE? That can transform all the things. We only put our canvases on sale twice a year, so if you've been eyeing on for a while, NOW is your time! This weekend only, you can get a small canvas for $57 + a large canvas for $111!

    6. Gifts that give in more ways than one: Gift Line Apparel
    For a super limited time only, we are offering apparel from our exclusive Gift Line. Quantities are slim, so if you want one, you have to hurry! We love this line, not only because it might be the cutest collection we have ever released, but because each item directly gives back to world-changing organizations around the globe! 

    + don't forget this pro tip: If you spend more than $50 this Friday, you could win $500 to Amazon!

    Happy shopping! 

    Everything you need to know about our biggest sale of the year!

    Everything you need to know about our biggest sale of the year!

    This week is about to get FUN.

    Thanksgiving is on its way - cue all the pumpkin pie, stretchy pants, and hot cocoa!

    We love this time of year for many reasons, but mainly because it is a reminder of ALL that we have to be thankful for.  This year we are overwhelmed with gratitude FOR YOU, and we want to bless you like crazy as a thank you! 

    Here's how we plan on doing that:

    (Trust us, you'll want to read this)

    1) We are getting ALL SORTS of festive in CHS this week. We are OVER THE MOON excited to open our doors + celebrate all weekend long. Come shop, sip + celebrate this Friday + Saturday from 10am-6pm + Sunday from 12pm-5pm at 218b King Street (upstairs!)!! We'll have special in-store giveaways + discounts on everything from canvases to cozy new sweatshirts!

    2) This Friday - Monday we are having our biggest sale EVER! And we mean EVER. Just because we love you, we are giving you 20% off apparel and 40% OFF EVERYTHING ELSE! That means 40% off ALL prints, posters, daily remains, victory cards, canvases, bundles + more! ✨✨✨ (The only product not available at a discounted rate is Advent!)


    and finally (this is where it gets extra fun)
    3) This Friday, if you spend $50 or more in our shop (online or in-store), you will be entered into a raffle to win $500 to Amazon!

    500 DOLLARS. Consider us Santa's helper this year! 

    More details to come, but ready your shopping carts, because this is about to be FUN!!